How Covid Pushed Me To Be a Content Creator

Covid was kind of awesome. I mean not the Virus because that truly sucks in every way. I’m talking about the year and a half of semi retirement we all experienced. I realize that not everyone has the same feelings about this time in all of our lives so I will try to explain what I’m getting at here.
How Covid Pushed Ryan Sims to be a Content Creator - Cave Creek, AZ

How I Stayed Relevant
During Covid

When the entire world got doctors notes excusing us from life, I quickly realized that if I wanted to stay relevant, I was going to have to adapt to some sort of musical career not spent in front of a live audience. Up until this point social media was a promotional tool for musicians. Overnight it became the entire world we had to operate from. Granted the rest of the world was also in the same boat, but a zoom meeting made a lot more sense than a zoom concert to me. It’s an understatement to say that using social media platforms was not my strong suit. Now suddenly it was the standard for musicians worldwide.

Learning The Tools I Needed To Become a Content Creator

Enter stage left, my very nice yet seldom used MacBook. Now my computer illiterate ass had some serious catching up to do. I know my way around a computer about as well as I know my way around the engine of my truck. Lift the hood/cover and stare blankly at what’s underneath until someone stops to help. So whereas the day before I was a professional musician, now I had to become a musician/content creator.

Feeling ill prepared and overwhelmed by my new task at hand, I did what all the great minds of my generation do. I went on YouTube and typed “tools needed to be a content creator” in the search bar. It was this moment where my trepidation turned into excitement because in order to do this job properly I was going to have to procure a rather large cadre of high tech gadgets!

Gadget Geek

If you ask any of my family or friends they will all tell you that I am a gadget geek. I love everything about them, and now I am the proud owner of a DJI drone, a Sony DSLR camera, Bluetooth microphones, LED panels, and best of all a brand new Jeep gladiator named Dixie. I was and have remained a pig in shit.
How Covid Pushed Ryan Sims to be a Content Creator - Cave Creek, AZ

Taking Risks

Of course I desperately missed and craved the feeling I got from performing in front of a live audience. It’s hard to put into words the satisfaction you can achieve from bringing a crowd to its feet and singing along to something you created. However driving straight up a mountain side not knowing if you were going to make it to the top or roll to the bottom all the while filming the entire thing became a close second. I had become a professional adventure seeker, and all that was asked of me was that I film it! I spent a year and a half exploring old gold mines in ghost towns. Attempting to catch a record-breaking flathead catfish, trying to capture UFOs on film in Sedona, and camping in some of the most beautiful locations God saw fit to create for us.
Ryan Sims Band Fishing - Cave Creek, AZ
How Covid Pushed Ryan Sims to be a Content Creator - Cave Creek, AZ
How Covid Pushed Ryan Sims to be a Content Creator - Cave Creek, AZ

Covid Was Kind Of Awesome

I have always had an adventurous side to my personality. However without Covid I never would’ve had the opportunity to explore that side of myself so extensively. The best part of all was that I could say with complete honesty this was my job. That’s why I say that Covid was kind of awesome.

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